Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chapter 2: The Man Hunt

So, we've got Bachelor #5 on his way.

"Hopefully he'll be better than the last four."

"Oh. My. God. What's on his overalls? Is that bug guts?!?"

Just gaze into his blue eyes and tell me what you think...

"He's CUTE!"

I thought you'd like him. He's a good guy, too. We'll work on that later.

But for now, to work!


What? Aren't you supposed to be working?

"Yeah, but something happened. What do I do?"

Well - you know how I said I can't always control everything?


This is one of those things.

"Well, just guess, for crying out loud!"

Well - do the grammar check.

"You know those things are unreliable, right?"

"Whew... it worked out."

Well, of course it did. I knew it would.

"Sure you did..."

As a treat, maybe you'd like to invite Robi over tonight?

"Let me think about it.
Ummm, YEAH!"

See how well this is working? He's thinking about kissing you.


Really. How about making his dream come true?


You like him?

"Oh, yes!"

"Okay - what the hell is that thing?"

It's a noodle-soother, also known as a noodle-hootchie. Put it on.

"I am so not putting that thing on my head."

We spent reward points on it - put it on!

"You wasted our green stamps on this?!? Gah!"

See, what did I tell you?

"Okay, okay." *grumble* *grouse*

"So, when am I getting a house? I need a house!"

Soon. You don't need one yet.

"Do I need a house YET? Gypsy and I are freezing our asses off. It's frickin' cold to be living outside."


"How 'bout now, before I turn blue and the cat gets lost?"

You know, you could put some clothes on and that might help.

"Whatever. Bite me!"

Oooh, who's that?


So easily distracted...

Why don'cha go ahead and pop the question?

"Truly? What if he says no?"

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it...

See - no worries!

Y'all didn't waste any time. :snicker:

That's one way to warm up.

And look, a house!

"Kind of small."

Yeah, but it's cute. And kwitcherbitchin' - you got a roof over your head now.


And here's Robi, post make-over.

So, what do you think?

"I'll get back to you on that...."

These two are constantly kissing and flirting.

AND! Because you've been doing so well, how about a honeymoon?



"Where are we going?"

How 'bout a tropical island? I figure you're tired of snow.

"Got that right!"

"This is soooo cool! Thanks!"

You're welcome.

Heee. Ya'll look a little lost.

"Hey! The hula is harder than it looks..."

Robi knows how to relax. I want a hot stone massage!

And that's the end of three days in the sun...
See what I mean about the funky tan lines?!?


And the Silvers are back home. Tune in next time to see what they're up to!


Anjel76 said...

Hmm ... see. Now we know what happened to Robi. He's left the Heiress and has joined a new Simverse. HA! Take that Cali!! :Op~~ Now I see what you meant by "big guns". Those are pretty big guns. *grin* Come to think of it, I've seen Robi in my BelleView neighborhood ... I think ... during university ... I think. :OD)) Great update! Looks like we'll have an heir soon!

Kethwyn said...

Oh my *fans self* Robi cleans up nice... not that Cali didn't do a good job of cleaning him up but... ;) I'm glad that Sapphire finally found a man who meets her tough standards. *grin*

Beware the Noodlehootchie! They suck brain cells and cause alien abductions. Not that the last is a bad thing... *snicker*

Lisa said...

*fans self while swooning* I just love that pouty look that Robi has going on.

Sapphire rocks!

Mao said...

Awww, Sapphire is so pretty! Robi would look pretty hunky with that tan were it not for the freaky tan lines.

I can't wait to see their kiddos.

Sally said...

Aww... Robi is a cutie. So will we be hearing the sound of tiny, pattering feet soon..? ;-)

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